Mark has always been a self-learner, motivated to understand technology and interested in learning new skills.


Mark has been interested in computers since he got his 'puter book' at age 6. From there he tinkered with a VIC-20 (yes with a tape drive and 4KB of memory) starting out by entering other peoples' programs from magazines, then moving onto modifying those and writing small programs from scratch. 


Mark's interest in computers and programming continued into High School. Mark completed two Certificate Level III TAFE courses in IT during the evenings while attending year 8, 9 and 10. He was part of a team that took out first place in the highly competitive UNSW High schools programming competition, and was part of teams that placed 3rd twice. Mark was awarded first place in the Workskill Australia (now worldSkills) Programming competition in the New England region, going on to place second in the state.


Mark continued his passion for IT at the University at Newcastle being awarded a place in University of Newcastle Industry Scholarship Scheme (UNISS).


More recently Mark has worked in e-learning for a medium sized Australian business supplying online learning, training and assessment solutions to millions of learners around the world. This has given Mark exposure to a number of technologies and techniques which combined for his passion for learning keeps him at the forefront of Web Development.


Outside of work Mark has two young boys, enjoys cycling and tinkers with home brew.