Some massive waves are happening at KEO with a tidal soon to come. 


We are currently awaiting the start of two new developers to begin in the next few weeks bringing our development team up to 5! These two will start running as soon as they begin working with our current clients and projects. We cant wait to introduce you soon. This will help with our turn around time and client communications. Please let us know if you have any questions about our new (or old) dev team!


At this stage we have a full time Graphic designer dedicated to Print and and a full time Web Designer dedicated to Pixel. These talented designers have been flat out creating some amazing logos and sites that will be uploaded to Facebook and the KEO Website in the coming weeks! We are always looking for local design talent in our region, if you know of someone that might fit our team, give them our details or give us a call!


We have always prided ourselves on our Integrity, Empathy and Client communications. SO we are ramping this up to a new level. We are working on new client products to assist with your websites including Keo Design’s Content Workshop or our Social Media Workshop. We are slim lining our client processes to ensure you and we have all the information to finish your job quickly and efficiently. 
We look forward to keeping you more updated in the coming weeks and months as our team and our business evolves.