This month we bring you the latest  mobile optimisation of websites and what it might mean for you.
Google will be the watch dog on all websites feigning 'mobile optimised' websites, as explained fully in this article: Thank You, Google Overlords.
It states that “smartphone users are a significant and fast growing segment,” and Google wants them to “experience the full richness of the web.”
What this all means is that if you have a site that is not configured correctly for mobile, that Google will downrank your site in search results. Poor search rankings equals possibly reduced sales or your competitors winning your business.
Designing a 'responsive' or 'mobile' site is quintessential for you to ensure you're capturing the mobile market.
Talk to KEO about how your website can be more responsive to mobile users.

Browser? What browser?

And more tech-crunching...did you know that websites are optimised to work best in the latest version of your web browser?
"What's a web browser?" I hear you say under your breath...the top three are Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (or IE). There's a bunch of others, but these are the top 3 used in this country. KEO uses Google Chrome, but we test all of our websites in all browsers back to 2 - 3 previous versions. See the latest in Browser Statistics on's website.
So you should always download THE LATEST version of your browser, it does two things: 1) you will stop getting that annoying pop up question, 'would you like to upgrade to the latest version of *insert browser name here*? and 2) you will find that each site you visit will download and display properly! Two very good reasons to upgrade, like, now.
If you have any questions about adding responsive and mobile design to your current site, or if you need more info on browsers - contact KEO.
Team KEO