When you spend half of your time online, it seems interesting to some that we feel the need to refer to anything that is not online, as 'offline'.

Let me explain. Almost fifty percent of KEO's work is spent offline designing logos, business cards, flyers, car signage, print ads, corporate programs, presentation folders and all manner of 'offline-y' stuff. And I write this because a large client gasped recently, "Do you do other graphic design stuff too? I didn't know, I thought you only did websites". So herein lies the reason for the term 'offline'.
Anyway, our clear lack of communication regarding the 'offline' stuff' will hopefully be disolved by this month's eNews!
So, if you, our loyal clients require any offline stuff, we'd love to hear from you. We have a suite of printers, local and otherwise to depend on, and we can assist you with not only print material, but promotional material too.
In closing, we'd love to hear your thoughts on online vs offline on our Facebook page, so keep the conversation going.
Team KEO