September is the month to schedule some well overdue cleaning! Not only at home, but online too.
When was the last time you updated your website? Last week, last month, last year?? If your answer was the latter and you're wondering why you're website is not showing up in a Google search, then you have some tidying up to do.
Search engines will consistently index websites that have been updated on a regular basis, bumping them up in the search results. What does this mean? Well, from our good friends at Wikipedia, "Web indexing (or Internet indexing) refers to various methods for indexing the contents of a website". 
According to search giant Google, the web is made up of over 60 trillion individual pages which is constantly growing! And Google navigates the web by 'crawling', which means they follow links from pages and sort the pages by their content and other factors. They keep track of it all in 'the index' (which is over 100 million gigabytes)!
Google then manages the index using algorithms; they write programs and formulas to deliver the best results possible. And as you enter your keyword or search term, the algorithms get to work looking for clues to better understand what you mean. So based on these clues, Google deliveres the most relevant documents from the index. They then rank the results using over 200 factors...and results are displayed in many forms, eg: knowledge graph, snippets, video, answers, images and more.
And that's how search works!
For more information, view this interactive Google page.
By keeping your site content updated and relevant, you're not only winning in the search engines, you're better engaging with your users/audience/customers!
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Team KEO